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Loot Midgets are a special type of midgets appearing in the Borderlands game series. In The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, each of them hides in a different. This achievement/trophy requires players to kill each of the Loot Midgets that jump out of loot boxes and lockers (lootable objects). The chests and lockers that​.

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By Kazraktilar - 13:53
Can i farm loot midgets in TVHM and if i can, can they even drop legendary weapons?
By Gardat - 13:12
Okay, so recently i was farming some legendary loot midgets on my level 61 (64 now) Salvador, but all i got were the seraph relics over and.
By Nikogal - 10:00
There are 2 well known strategies to farm Legendary Loot Midget (LLM). The first one can be way more efficient but require more luck.
By Dazahn - 05:33

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